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Updated list of MLB to York in one season

Wayne Franklin

Throwback Thursday: Wayne Franklin pitched for the Astros, Brewers, Giants, Yankees and Braves in the Majors before joining the Revolution.

When RHP Julio DePaula re-signed with York after his brief MLB cameo with the Orioles last season, he became the ninth player to appear for the Revolution one season removed from being on a Major League roster.  The situation did not occur last season.  The current list:

2007:  Pitcher Wayne Franklin, with the Braves in 2006
2008:  Pitcher Aaron Rakers, with the Orioles in 2007
2008:  Infielder Shea Hillenbrand, with the Dodgers and Angels in 2007
2009:  Pitcher Rick Bauer, with the Indians in 2008
2009:  Pitcher Chris Britton, with the Yankees in 2008
2012:  Infielder Joe Thurston, with the Marlins in 2011
2013:  Outfielder Jason Repko, with the Red Sox in 2012
2013:  Outfielder Tyler Graham, with the Diamondbacks in 2012
2015:  Pitcher Julio DePaula, with the Orioles in 2014

For good measure, here’s the list in the other direction, from York to the Majors in one season, or within the same season:

OF Tike Redman ’07 (2007 Orioles)
RHP Shawn Hill ’12 (2012 Blue Jays)
RHP Julio DePaula ’14 (2014 Orioles)
3B Andy Marte ’13 (2014 Diamondbacks)

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