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New for 2015: Alternate caps

2015 Caps


Expect minimal changes to the Revolution’s uniforms this season; some new road greys are in the offing but they should be very similar in design to the past three seasons.  As you can see above however, the team will introduce a new “multi-paneled” alternate cap into its repertoire.  In the classic style of the Montreal Expos or Toronto Blue Jays of yesteryear, the new lid will pair with the seldom seen yellow alternate cap with the “Talon Y” logo which was introduced last year.  Expect to see more of that one on the field this season, in addition to the new alternate, which will feature use of the “YR” logo on the field for the first time.

The navy “Y Logo” cap is returning as the primary on-field Revolution cap for a fourth year, since the identity re-design prior to the 2012 season.  All three of the on-field caps pictured above will be for sale in the First Capital Federal Credit Union Team Store, by the time the season starts.

-Paul Braverman


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