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Paniagua back on active roster after shoulder injury

Paniagua, Salvador 47

After sustaining a separated shoulder in a collision a month ago, Revolution catcher Salvador Paniagua has not seen any game action since.  He was reinstated to the active roster on August 31 however, within the four to six week prognosis following the injury.  Early in his return, the plan is to catch Paniagua three innings at a time or so, to gauge how his shoulder holds up and to ease him back into every day action.

Back-up Alberto Espinosa and newcomer Angel Flores, who are both still on the active roster, filled in admirably for Paniagua over the last 30 days.  At this time, a move is not being made at that position and York will carry three catchers for the time being.  With RHP Stephen Penney currently inactive with lingering shoulder soreness, a roster spot was open for Paniagua.  Whether the Revolution drops a catcher heading into the postseason remains to be seen.

-Paul Braverman


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