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Revolution surpass 2 million fan milestone

Nice crowd

With an attendance figure of 4,979 for an 11-5 win over the Somerset Patriots on Tuesday, July 8, 2014, the York Revolution surpassed 2 million fans drawn to their Downtown home.  The milestone comes in the eighth season of operation for the franchise at Santander Stadium.

Based on current attendance trends, the organization expects to draw at least 4,300 fans per game for their 70 home games this season.  Attendance has risen 13% from a season ago, with between 500 and 600 more fans attending each game this year.

“When we first made plans for our 2 Millionth fan, we figured this would happen at the end of this month and not early July,” said Revolution President & General Manager Eric Menzer.  “But our fan support has been terrific this year, and people have really responded to the increased commitment we’ve made to the promotional schedule and stadium improvements.  It’s a pleasant surprise to do this on July 8,” Menzer continued.

Depending on the day of the week, York has out-drawn four Triple-A clubs this season, all in considerably larger markets.  The Revolution has also paced better at times than 14 Double-A teams, including three in Pennsylvania.

An official “2 Millionth Fan” was recognized; Dianne Fox of York.  Fox received a prize pack from the organization, including a team-signed bat, an authentic jersey commemorating the 2 Millionth Fan, and spent an inning sitting in the dugout with the Revolution during the July 8 game.

Once fan 4,438 entered through the gates, putting the running eight-year attendance total at exactly 2 million, the team handed out 2,000 commemorative t-shirts to mark the occasion, with 1,999 fans finishing in a tie for fan number 1,999,999.  Only Fox received the official 2,000,000 t-shirt along with the rest of her prizes.


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