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Kelvin R. Thurman (1952-2014)

Thurm & Parents

Corey Thurman and his parents Wanda and Kelvin, prior to an exhibition game against the U.S. Military All-Star Team before the 2010 season. Thurman actually pitched against the Revolution that day and defeated York, honoring his father’s service in the U.S. Army Signal Corps, indicated by the special jersey he wore during the game.

Corey Thurman has returned to the York Revolution after several days away to be with his family.  His father Kelvin, 62, passed away on Thursday in a Detroit-area hospital.

York Daily Record reporter Collin Snyder wrote a terrific piece on the father and son, and has more details here:

Also appropriate for Father’s Day, YDR columnist Frank Bodani wrote a great column on Revolution LHP Mark Hendrickson, who lost his dad as an infant:

I strongly suggest reading both.  While the subject matter may be a shame, especially so around a family holiday, it is a great reminder of the caliber of man this organization seeks out to represent York and the Atlantic League.

The sincerest sympathies of all Revolution front office personnel, game workers and fans are with Corey Thurman and his family at this time.

-Paul Braverman


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