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New alternate uniform makes debut in Sunday’s win


No, the York Revolution have not been purchased by the Houston Astros.  They have however given solace to anyone that misses the old-school Astros striped uniform, aside from the occasional throwback day in Houston.  Indeed, that classic design was the inspiration for the Revolution’s new alternate jerseys by New Balance, the team’s on-field outfitter.  It will be worn at home and on the road.

After being debuted at Fan Fest, the Revs wore the new tops during a game for the first time on June 1, a 4-0 win at Southern Maryland.  Corey Thurman parlayed the look into seven shutout innings, allowing just three hits in the process.  As we all know, baseball players are never superstitious, therefore I’m sure this jersey (with Corey Thurman in it) tossing a shutout in its first game won’t play any role in Thurm or the rest of the team wanting to wear it often the rest of the season.  The photo of a colorful high-five line after the game is courtesy of Darrell Henry.

If you haven’t been out to the stadium yet this season…well first of all buy tickets here and stop being the Fun Police, and here’s a stunning photo after the jump of a wind-blown DownTown with a close-up of the jersey if you haven’t seen it yet:

DT 2

-Paul Braverman


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