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New for 2014: The “Talon Y” Logo

When the Revolution re-branded with new logos and colors prior to the 2012 season, not everything was let out of the bag at once.  We give you next season’s next step:  The “Talon Y” logo.


You’ll notice the Y is the same as the Revolution’s usual Y logo on the primary blue caps with the eagle, this one is just surrounded by the eagle’s talons instead.  Prior to last season, the organization also started using the “Gear R” logo in addition to the usual Y logo, primary logo and the eagle with the bat on his own which appeared on the alternate gold caps.  All of those logos will still be used in addition to the Talon Y.  Looking closely, you’ll notice a more metallic, industrial feel to this logo; look for more of that in a lot of Revolution branding in the future.  Check out the primary logo in that theme:

Metal Primary

Pretty cool, right?  You’ll notice the chrome and a real flame coming out of the tailpipe there.  The usual primary logo will be used as well, but this improvement makes things a little more exciting.

Merchandise will eventually be available in the First Cap Team Store with the new Talon Y logo closer to the season beginning.

The Revolution’s home white and road grey uniforms will not change for next season, keeping the “Revolution script” at home and “script York” on the road. There is a new alternate jersey being worked on though with uniform/apparel provider New Balance.  That should be revealed sometime in the early spring, perhaps at the annual Fan Fest?  It’s not yet known what combination of logos will be on that jersey.

-Paul Braverman

One response

  1. Ron McClain

    Paul, that IS pretty cool. I got to say I really like that!!!

    October 23, 2013 at 2:07 pm

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