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Nick Green heads to Taiwan


Back in June, it appeared Nick Green had a deal to go pitch for the Yucatan Lions in the Mexican League.  That deal fell through and he returned to the Revolution roster without leaving the country.  This time however, it’s for real.  He’s most likely on a 15-hour direct flight from New York to Taiwan as you read this.

Green had his contract purchased by the EDA Rhinos of the Chinese Professional Baseball League on Thursday.  The league is not located on the Chinese mainland though, and is only confined to the island of Taiwan, also known as Chinese Tapei in various international competitions including the World Baseball Classic and Little League World Series.  Baseball was introduced there when it was under Japanese rule, and it gained popularity pretty quickly.  The island boasts Little League World Series titles, and is becoming an increasing threat in worldwide amateur and professional competitions.  Pitcher Chien-Ming Wang is the country’s most notable Major Leaguer.

Finally, here is the Pokemon-like logo for Green’s new team:

EDA_Rhinos_logo-Paul Braverman


One response

  1. Ron McClain

    What a huge disappointment he was this year.

    August 8, 2013 at 3:04 pm

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