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Calling all Pirates fans…


I’m currently working on a piece for the next edition of the York Revolutionary Times, the in-stadium magazine at Sovereign Bank Stadium.  I’m seeking Pittsburgh Pirates fans to share their stories with me, relative to enduring so many losing seasons, and now seeing the team be one of the best in baseball.  This is open to anyone who would like to participate.  Please e-mail me your stories/thoughts on the Pirates, to  Here are the types of angles I’m looking for:

  • Have you actually stood by the Pirates all these years, since their last winning season in 1992?  Do you know everything about the team?  Have you been a fan for life?  Have you actually watched them play regularly for the last two decades?  If so, this season must be so rewarding, or the biggest relief of your wretched life.  If this is you, we want to hear about it!
  • Are you a die-hard Pittsburgh sports fan when it comes to the Steelers and Penguins, but haven’t had the desire to keep up with the Pirates due to all the losing?  If so, are you now jumping on the bandwagon, ala Detroit Tigers fans in 2006?  It’s okay if you are, and if so I want to hear about how your once strong, but faded love for the Pirates has been re-kindled now that they’ve turned it around.
  • Share with me any emotional stories about what it means to you to be a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, players you’ve met, funny stories from Three Rivers Stadium, how much you love PNC Park, and so on and so forth.  Anything like that would be appreciated.

Get writing and send me those e-mails…if you do your words and stories will appear in the next edition of the magazine!  Thanks!

(This was also an excuse to post an awesome Kent Tekulve picture.  Kent is the man.)

-Paul Braverman


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