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Majewski concludes cameo, new player coming

Outfielder Val Majewski’s return to the Revolution was as brief as anticipated, as he’s been placed on the Inactive List.  Majewski’s return for the weekend series vs. Lancaster was only to soften the blow of James Shanks being inactive due to a strained hamstring.  Majewski, who now lives in Maryland and is technically retired, was willing to play for York for the weekend but not beyond.  Unlike the rest of us who work in baseball, he has a “real” job in the insurance industry.  He was 1 for 11 with a stolen base, and played an error free left field in three starts against the Barnstormers.  It is comforting to know that if the Revolution ever find themselves in such a jam over a weekend, Val could be an option as a “ringer.”  He was certainly still in playing shape.

The corresponding roster move will come on July 3.  Shanks will not return to the active roster right away, as he is still nursing the hamstring injury.  The Revolution will be adding another outfielder, that name will be forthcoming.  That will put the active roster back at 25.

-Paul Braverman


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