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Somerset third base coach Shane Spencer had no time for Jonny Tucker

We’ll post good ejection videos here from time to time.  Rome Braves manager Randy Ingle remains an all-time favorite.  This one comes  from the Atlantic League, featuring Somerset Patriots third base coach Shane Spencer.  You might remember Spencer as an outfielder with the Yankees World Series Championship teams in 1999 and 2000.  He also enjoyed big league time with the Indians, Rangers and Mets, playing in seven MLB seasons.

Before Spencer gets his money’s worth after being tossed by home plate umpire Marty Bauer, the real hook is how he gets into that position:

Spencer completely shoved Jonny Tucker out of the shot!  Who knows where he landed, but he did not appear in the camera shot again, so he must have flown pretty far.  That’s a big man running into a man who’s not so big.  While there was nothing too creative about Spencer getting his money’s worth nor did he make a big display, his method of getting in front of the umpire was a new one for me.

Spencer was suspended for Somerset’s series finale at Lancaster on Thursday for making contact with an umpire, just a one game suspension. Getting thrown out three times in a half when you’re not the manager is pretty rare.  The whole thing kind of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer is playing golf with fictional former baseball player Steve Gendison, and he gives him a 2-stroke penalty for cleaning his ball on the green per the rules.  As Kramer said…he LOST IT!

-Paul Braverman


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