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Atlantic League RBI record could be in play for Andy Marte

Marte, Andy 15

With a first inning 2-RBI single on June 2 vs. Long Island, Revolution third baseman Andy Marte was the first Atlantic League player to reach 40 RBI in 2013.  The feat was reached in York’s 44th game, putting Marte on pace for 127 RBI this season.  Of course, this assumes he isn’t picked up and plays the duration of the season for York.

In 2000, Ozzie Canseco drove in 129 runs for the Newark Bears, a league record.  Canseco also mashed a league record 48 home runs that season, in a Newark ballpark that is legendary for being a band box. (With Newark now in the Can-Am League for the last three seasons, the meager dimensions are now re-shaping that league’s home run records as well.) 

As if Marte’s season to this point wasn’t impressive enough, it’s even moreso considering he’s doing it playing half his games in a ballpark that plays much fairer for pitchers than Newark.  That is really the case around the league, minus the short porches in Lancaster (right field) and Southern Maryland (left field), which don’t have the big wall like York’s left field to prevent home runs.  If Marte is to be on York’s roster for 140 games and remains healthy, a piece of very difficult to reach Atlantic League history could be in his sights.

-Paul Braverman


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