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Freedom Division dominates Liberty Division in early going

Although the Atlantic League schedule is balanced with each team playing the other seven 20 times for a 140 game schedule, the divisions are still necessary to seed the postseason.  This season, the early season schedule has been heavy on inter-division play, which the Freedom Division (York, Sugar Land, Somerset and Lancaster) have dominated.

Against Bridgeport, Camden, Long Island and Southern Maryland, those clubs are a combined 25-10.  That’s actually a drop off from the first weekend when each 4-game series was inter-division; the Freedom went 13-3 in those contests.  Here’s a breakdown:

vs. Bridgeport 2-2
vs. Southern Maryland 2-2
vs. Bridgeport 2-1
TOTAL:  6-5

Sugar Land
vs. Long Island 4-0
vs. Long Island 2-1
TOTAL:  6-1

vs. Southern Maryland 3-1
vs. Southern Maryland 3-0
TOTAL:  6-1

vs. Camden 4-0
vs. Long Island 2-1
vs. Camden 1-2
TOTAL: 7-3

Somewhat stunningly, out of these 10 series, the Liberty Division only won one of them, Camden’s triumph over Lancaster last weekend. Prior to, the Liberty’s best result had been Bridgeport and Southern Maryland earning splits with York.

-Paul Braverman


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