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Revolution trim Opening Day Roster to 25

Although Atlantic League rules permit teams to carry 27 active players until June 1, the Revolution has trimmed it’s roster to 25 to begin the season, 13 pitchers and 12 position players.  That means no position players in camp with the team were let go.  Three pitchers were released:  Lefties Wade Korpi and Joe Testa, along with right-hander Nick Schumacher.  Pedro Liriano, who was absent from camp due to VISA complications traveling from the Dominican Republic, has been placed on the inactive list.  The Revolution retain his rights, and he still may be on the roster this season.  But he won’t start the season with York.

The Revolution will likely bring in a 14th pitcher in a relief role during the first week of the season.  When this deal is finalized we’ll have it here, but for now it appears no one will be released when that happens and the roster will remain at 26 until the next transaction.

York’s starting rotation for the most part is clear:  Corey Thurman, Brett Tomko, Chris Cody and Nick Green.  While Matt Fox was/is slated to be a starter, he is building his arm up slowly coming off injury.  It looks like Kris Regas may be the fifth starter in a temporary role until Fox is ready.  But Fox is healthy and will likely come out of the bullpen in the meantime.

Of the 25 players, 13 have Major League experience:  Pitchers Julio DePaula, Matt Fox, Josh Judy, Juan Rincon, Corey Thurman, Brett Tomko and Michael Wuertz, infielders Andy Gonzalez, Andy Marte, and Eric Patterson and outfielders Jeff Fiorentino, Tyler Graham and Jason Repko.

-Paul Braverman


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