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Scott Rice appears on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk”

Scott Rice week…continues!  On Tuesday, April 3 the former Revolution lefty joined Chris Rose and Kevin Millar on their daily baseball highlights and talk show, Intentional Talk.  You know the story by now; after 14 minor league seasons the 31-year-old reliever made his first MLB roster out of Mets spring training, and then made his MLB debut on Opening Day to boot.  Rice struck out two Padres in a 1-2-3 ninth inning to wrap up the Mets 11-2 victory.  He was the oldest rookie on any MLB Opening Day roster this season.

Here is video of Rice’s appearance…and yes it is a cell phone video recording the TV in my apartment.  Please forgive the crass nature of my video methods and/or address all hate mail to me on Twitter, @PaulBraverman.  At least I used my excercise bike as a stand so the video isn’t shaky.  He gives a great interview:


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