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More pictures of my TV: Sixties edition

Took a break from Spring Training games to watch the 1966 World Series film on MASN last night, when the Orioles swept the Dodgers 4-0.  Some notes:

  • In Game 1 at Dodger Stadium, Frank Robinson and Brooks Robinson each homered in the first inning to set the tone for the Orioles sweep, in a 5-2 victory.
  • In Game 2 at Dodger Stadium, Andy Etchebarren was the last man to ever bat against Sandy Koufax.  He hit into a double play, but the O’s still won 6-0.
  • During a cross country flight, the Orioles plane hit some major turbulence over the Rockies.  I guess it got pretty intense.  Years later, Etch was quoted as saying “we all said we have to finish this thing in Baltimore in five games or less, because nobody wanted to get back on that plane to go to Los Angeles again.”
  • For supposedly being thin on pitching, the Orioles set a record for longest scoreless streak in a World Series, shutting the Dodgers out for the final 33 innings of the series, winning Games 3 and 4 at Memorial Stadium by identical 1-0 scores.  As catcher, we’ll give Etch some credit for this too.
  • After Paul Blair caught the final out in Game 4, the fans at Memorial Stadium rushed the field ala college football or basketball.  Good luck ever seeing that again.

And finally, here are a couple of future managers during that series:


On the left, 23-year-old Andy Etchebarren, future two-time championship-winning Manager of the York Revolution. On the right, Orioles second baseman Davey Johnson (also 23), future World Series-winning Manager of the New York Mets, Tony Tarasco’s Baltimore Orioles and the greatest MLB team ever assembled (probably), the 2013 Washington Nationals.

-Paul Braverman


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