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Remembering 2012: Profile of Chris Cody

It may be the slowest time of the year for Revolution news, but we still have plenty to post here in case you missed it during the season.  As we did last year, we’ll be posting a different column at the beginning of each week from the past season of the York Revolutionary Times in case you missed an issue at the ballpark.

Cody, Chris 1

By Carrie Wood

Of all the players that returned to the Revolution in 2012, Chris Cody’s time away from York was a little bit longer. The New York native spent much of the second half of 2011 in Mississippi, playing for the Atlanta Braves Double-A team. It’s clear, however, that Cody’s presence around Sovereign Bank Stadium was missed.

In 2011, Cody set a team record with seven wins in the first half and pitched to a 4.39 ERA during his time here. In the first half of this season, he’s maintained a 4.58 ERA while striking out 54 over in his first 13 games started.  His even-keeled mannerisms on the mound also help create a sense of stability on the field during his starts.

“I’ve always tried to be that way. I used to watch baseball on TV all the time when I was a kid – even if it wasn’t my favorite team playing, I was always watching a game,” Cody said. “And I always just respected and looked up to those players that could keep their cool. It looked classy, when guys could look the same whether they were up by 10 or down by 10. It seemed more appealing to me that way. Maybe it’s not as exciting as the guys who fist-pump after every strikeout, but that’s just not my demeanor.”

Cody returned to York at the start of spring training this year after getting released by the Braves organization. His decision to come back to the Revolution was based partly on his comfort level here – but it helped that the coaching staff knew they could use a left-hander with a history of consistency.

“Not having a very impressive or overwhelming fastball makes it all the more important that I’m left-handed. I was fortunate enough that after getting released at the end of last year, Etch and Mason were looking for a left-handed pitcher. I just kind of fell back into it here,” he said. “The group of guys we had last year was one of the most fun teams I had ever been a part of, and the fact that we returned so many of those guys just made it really a comfortable place to think about coming back to.”

The fact that he already experienced success at this level made the decision even easier.

“The goal is to get back to a Major League organization, and since it worked for me last year, I thought, why wouldn’t it happen again?” he said.

Another goal of Cody’s is to help the Revs to a third consecutive Atlantic League Championship. The team will have to clinch a playoff spot in the second half of the season though; Lancaster took the first-half title in the Freedom Division. A rough start to the season in May was a deep hole for the team to dig out of, Cody said, but the success of the team across the river hurt their chances further.

“I think we would have been fine if Lancaster hadn’t gone on such a tear. There was a point in time where we would watch the scoreboards after our games, looking to see what the Barnstormers did, and they just did not lose a game unless it was against us,” Cody said. “But it makes the rest of the season a little more meaningful. It’ll make it more exciting. Clinching a spot is great in June or July, but now those games in September will mean a little bit more. It’ll be fun.”

And fun is how Cody likes to keep it in the clubhouse – he’s known for his impressions of his teammates, though he admits “some are better than others.” Fans have also seen him mimic Revs third base coach Enohel Polanco when Cody has filled in at first base coach, playfully poking fun at Polanco’s wide-legged, rear-out stance when in the coaches box.

“Every team I’ve been a part of, I’ve always done that. I can’t imitate everybody, and a lot of times I don’t even think I sound like people,” he said. But if people laugh, I’ll keep doing them.”

His best impersonation, he said, is of Michael Hernandez, another New York-native.

“Maybe it’s because he and I are both from the same area. I’m not from New York City, but he is, and I have a lot of friends from there. He’s kind of a soft-spoken guy. He doesn’t really talk unless he has something to say, but when he does, it’s interesting to hear that accent come out,” Cody said.

When he’s not on the field or practicing his next impersonation, Cody likes to blow off some steam with his Xbox – or, more recently, at his Xbox, as he’s admitted he punched the console in frustration when his downloaded content caused the game to freeze. As for the type of games Cody enjoys, it varies; he’ll join in with online multiplayer games like whatever the most recent “Call of Duty” or NHL title happens to be, but he enjoys his single-player adventures, too.

“I’m more of a ‘Skyrim’ or ‘Assassin’s Creed’ kind of guy. I was really into ‘Skyrim’ when it first came out. I probably put 250 hours into that game when it first came out. I need to start a new character,” he said, laughing. “Xbox is definitely my escape, or my vice, whenever I want to get away from the everyday. I mean, I love what I do, but you could be living on a tropical island and still need to get away from it sometimes.”


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