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Why is life so hard? Because you are not Chris Nowak.


When it comes to evaluating baseball talent, sabermetrics is the wave of the future.  When it comes to evaluating Bryce Harper, saBROmetrics puts him #1.  HA!  But I digress.

One of the best think tanks out there for advanced metrics, FanGraphs, has started to notice and take a liking to Revolution first baseman Chris Nowak.  In fact, FanGraphs’ Carston Cistulli has pegged Nowak as the best hitter in baseball currently not under contract with an MLB organization.  For Nowak’s sake, let’s hope that’s not true for much longer.  For the Revolution’s sake, having Nowak back in 2014 certainly would make York’s lineup among the most formidable in the league, regardless of who may be around him.

Some interesting stuff in that link. Among the best nuggets include the projection that Nowak would’ve hit .271 in the big leagues last season based on his Atlantic League numbers, according to a complex formula that’s way over my head.

Once you’re done with that, check this link out which is a 38-minute interview with Nowak done by Cistulli.

If this tickles your fancy, follow Carson Cistulli on Twitter, @cistulli.

-Paul Braverman


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