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Adam Greenberg ready for 2nd MLB chance with Marlins

One of the more notable players in the Atlantic League from 2009 through 2011 was Bridgeport outfielder Adam Greenberg.  He’s become relatively famous (infamous) for having his only Major League plate appearance to date end in a beaning to the head in 2005 in Miami.  Greenberg was with the Cubs, facing Valerio De Los Santos of the Marlins.  While the ball that got away from De Los Santos was certainly an accident, it left Greenberg with multiple symptoms and derailed a career that appeared to be destined for the big leagues.  After returning from injury, Greenberg was resigned to the minors despite getting some looks from the Dodgers, Royals, Angels and the Cubs again.  Check out this video on the incident:


As Greenberg became a fixture for Bridgeport at the top of the order, playing close to home in his home state of Connecticut, it appeared his story had come to an end.  A fitting end though, as Valerio De Los Santos would up playing for the Long Island Ducks to start the 2011 season – and Greenberg got a hit off him on Long Island on Opening Day.  After, Greenberg remarked that because of the circumstance, getting to bat against De Los Santos, that maybe that was his redemption for his one MLB at-bat gone awry.

Well, that is certainly no longer the case, as ironically, the Marlins have offered Greenberg the chance for at least one at bat on Tuesday, October 2 when the Mets visit Miami.  Greenberg will likely face NL Cy Young Candidate R.A. Dickey who will start for New York.  The movement for Greenberg to get one more shot in the Majors started with a filmmaker petitioning for the Cubs to give Greenberg his second chance, which would’ve made it a great story.  But the fact the Marlins stepped up perhaps makes the story even better with an ironic twist.  Check out the two videos below for more.



Congratulations to Adam, as another Atlantic League alum and a good guy makes it back to the big leagues.

-Paul Braverman


One response

  1. Ron McClain

    Congrats Adam. You are one of the good guys!! Hope you get a hit!!

    October 2, 2012 at 9:30 am

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