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New Revolution single-season records

While setting a franchise record for wins in a single season at 79-61 this year, a handful of individual records have fallen along the way.  For a while there, especially with Chris Nowak, it was tough to keep up with each milestone as they were approached and broken.  But we have finally come to the end of the long journey that is the regular season, and here are some new single-season York Revolution totals:

  • Home Runs:  Chris Nowak finished with 34, destroying his own previous record of 25 a season ago, which eclipsed Jason Aspito’s 24 in 2008.  The 30-home run plateau isn’t broken in the Atlantic League often, so this mark might stand for a while – unless Nowak returns to York next year.  It’s the first 30-home run season in the Atlantic League since Jesse Hoorelbeke hit 33 for Bridgeport in 2007.  Andres Perez’s 23 homers this season was the fourth-best all-time by a Rev.  Nowak’s career Revolution total of 59 home runs now gives him a 17-homer lead over Aspito in that department.
  • RBI:  Chris Nowak finished with 107, two better than Jason Aspito’s 105 in 2008.  Andres Perez’s 86 RBI is tied for the fifth-best single season in Revs history.  Nate Espy had 90 in 2007, Jose Herrera had 87 in 2010, and James Shanks and Ian Bladergroen had 86 in 2010.
  • Extra Base Hits:  Andres Perez set a new record this season, with 61.  23 home runs, three triples and 35 doubles.  He surpassed Jason Aspito’s record of 59 in 2008.
  • Wins:  Corey Thurman went 14-3 this season, one win better than the 13-3 mark he put up in 2011.  His 52 career wins in a Revolution uniform give him a 32-win lead over Wayne Franklin, who has 20.  Thurman, who is third all-time in Atlantic League history, is within striking distance of second-place Lincoln Mikkelsen who has 62 wins.  He’s 22 wins behind all-time league leader Tim Cain.  Thurman would need two more full seasons on-par or just a little worse than his last two to catch Cain.  Still a long way to go but certainly do-able.
  • Earned Run Average:  Well, here’s one Revolution pitching record that Corey Thurman no longer owns.  Ryan Feierabend shattered Thurman’s single-season ERA mark this season, finishing at 2.71 in 18 starts and 113 innings pitched. (9-5 record).  The minimum innings pitched for the record is 101.  Thurman’s record in the hitter-friendly Atlantic League was 3.33 last season.  Feierabend began the season in York, then was picked up by the Cincinnati Reds and made seven starts for their Triple-A club in Louisville before returning to York.  He passed the 101 innings threshold with a start to spare in order to qualify for the record.

-Paul Braverman


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