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Thurston brings MLB experience to York

The common term for a brief stint in the Major Leagues is “cup of coffee.”  Well, consider Joe Thurston highly-caffeinated.

Now in his 14th season as a professional, Thurston has combined various cups of coffee with different organizations into an impressive resume for a player in the Atlantic League.  Despite his veteran status, the infielder is only 32-years-old and has played this season, after stops in Lehigh Valley and Rochester, the Phillies and Twins Triple-A clubs respectively.

Originally drafted by the Dodgers as a 19-year-old in 1999, Thurston has reached the Major Leagues in seven different seasons.  The detail of that experience after the jump:

2002 Dodgers:  8 games (MLB debut)
2003 Dodgers:  13 games
2004 Dodgers:  17 games
2006 Phillies:  18 games
2008 Red Sox:  4 games
2009 Cardinals:  124 games
2011 Marlins:  1 game
Total:  184 games

As you can see, the cups of coffee are surrounded one big feast with St. Louis in 2009, the only season Thurston saw consistent time in the Majors at second and third base.  And it’s not as if Thurston was getting a chance for a poor team…the Cardinals went 91-71 that season and won the NL Central before losing to Thurston’s original team, the Dodgers, in the ALDS.  He’s also veteran of over 1,500 minor league games.

With Thurston’s one game with the Marlins last year, he joins a small list of players who have played for the Revolution after playing in the Majors the prior season.  Disclaimer:  This is just off the top of my head, but I’ll get with Darrell to see who, if anybody I left out.  If one comes to mind as you’re reading, please embarrass me in the comments and let me know:

2007:  Pitcher Wayne Franklin, pitched for the Braves in 2006
2008:  Pitcher Aaron Rakers, pitched for the Orioles in 2007
2008:  Infielder Shea Hillenbrand, played for the Dodgers and Angels in 2007
2009:  Pitcher Rick Bauer, pitched for the Indians in 2008
2009:  Pitcher Chris Britton, pitched for the Yankees in 2008
2012:  Infielder Joe Thurston, played for the Marlins in 2011

-Paul Braverman


One response

  1. Ron McClain

    I won’t embarrass you this time Paul. It is about time we get a real shortstop. We need someone that can make some plays beside the balls that are hit right at them. The infield defense has been pretty bad so far this year. This should really help us out. The pitchers are going to be really happy.

    July 23, 2012 at 1:14 pm

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