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Thomas, Feierabend will try to help AWFUL teams

There’s always a nuanced baseball stat/coincidence to pour over if you look hard enough.  But this one is truly amazing.

The Revolution have now had two player contracts purchased by MLB organizations so far this season.  Lefty reliever Ian Thomas went to the Atlanta Braves on May 17 and southpaw starter Ryan Feierabend to the Cincinnati Reds on June 5.

Kudos to both, as Thomas tries to reach the Major Leagues, and Feierabend tries to make it back…he last played in the bigs in ’08 with Seattle and pitched in 25 career MLB games beginning in 2006.  Such promotions are met with well deserved congratulations, but these two also have an element of sympathy.

Amazingly, the first two Revs players this season to be picked up by MLB organizations were assigned to the two WORST teams in professional baseball so far.  Major Leagues, minor leagues, Mexico…whatever, ALL of baseball.  

Feierabend is with the Triple-A Louisville Bats of the International League, who sport an 18-40 record as of June 5, by far the worst in their league and of the 30 Triple-A clubs, a .310 winning percentage.  Feierabend may have left a better team in the Atlantic League with York.

But Louisville’s start is only the second worst in the game.  The Class A Rome Braves of the South Atlantic League, to which Ian Thomas was assigned, are a robust 14-43 as of June 5, for a sultry winning percentage of .246!  Ouch.

While the dream lives on of one day seeing Feierabend and Thomas pitch in the same Reds vs. Braves game as York Revolution alums, all we can say is best of luck to them now…with the clubs they’ve been assigned to, luck may be all they can go on even when they pitch well.  They’re both still young, so those big league aspirations are realistic.  At worst, two very bad teams each picked up a good pitcher to at least try and salvage their seasons.

-Paul Braverman


3 responses

  1. Carl Owens

    This is an obvious Paul Braverman post….negative, negative, negative…pathetic!

    June 5, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    • It’s an obvious Paul Braverman post because I signed my name at the end of it. Not sure how it’s pathetic…just pointing out two very good pitchers ended up on two very bad teams by no fault of their own…and they’ll help them. Here’s hoping they move up quickly, which I said in the post. So what’s negative exactly? Just pointing out a pretty amazing coincidence. If we had two players go to the teams with the two best records, I’d blog about that too. Go Nationals.

      June 6, 2012 at 12:02 am

  2. Ron McClain

    Good one Carl!!! Here’s hoping Paul will move up quickly!!! Go Orioles.

    June 6, 2012 at 11:24 am

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