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Barnstormers, Patriots, Skeeters the teams to beat in 2012

At first there were rumblings that there may be some shuffling of the Atlantic League divisions for the upcoming season with the addition of Sugar Land, but that will not be the case. 

The Skeeters will replace the Road Warriors in the Freedom Division, joining York, Lancaster and Somerset.  The Liberty Division will remain Bridgeport, Camden, Long Island and Southern Maryland.  The Liberty remains a division of water-dwelling creatures;  fish, sharks, ducks and crabs.  Mosquitos may breed in water, but they don’t really live there, so having the Skeeters in the non sea-life Freedom Division makes sense.

So it’s another difficult road ahead for the Revs to make the playoffs, having to best the rival Barnstormers, again led by Butch Hobson who always puts a winner on the field, the 5-time champion Patriots who you’d think will be much more competitive this year after an uncharacteristic losing season in 2011 and the Skeeters, who I think will be pretty good for these reasons.

Let’s start the insanity.  43 days until Opening Day in Sugar Land.

-Paul Braverman


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